Attempts at Perspective

To: ToledoFrom: Kansas

My first look at the 2006 Kansas football team was a frustrating one, both in terms of quality of play and length of game, the latter foiling my best efforts to remain sober for the duration of the game.

There are positives to take away from last night's game. Kansas gained 391 yards. That's only three fewer yards than Iowa State gained against Toledo in their triple-overtime game at Ames. Kansas outgained Toledo by 154 yards and gained nine more first downs. It took five turnovers by Kerry Meier to lose this game. That's (fingers-crossed) not likely to happen again.

Between their final play of the first half and the final play of the game, the Kansas defense thoroughly shut down Toledo's offense. The 2006 edition of the Kansas D isn't going to be as good as the 2005 edition, but they figure to be decent and played well enough for the team to win had the offense held onto the ball.

All is not lost.

Before the season started, I figured the Jayhawks would likely lose either @Toledo or to South Florida. A 3-1 non-conference record will not strike a death blow to Kansas's pursuit of bowl eligibility. A 2-2 non-conference record probably would. Thus, seven days from today, Kansas plays a must-win game.

Can we expect them to win?