The Definitive Oklahoma Oregon Video Roundup

For those of us who missed it, the Oklahoma - Oregon game provided a zany ending to say the least.

Former US Senator, Oklahoma Governor, Rhodes Scholar and OU President David Boren had this to say:

"It is truly sad and deeply disappointing that members of our football team should be deprived of the outcome of the game ... because of an inexcusable breakdown in officiating"

Down by 13 with just a few minutes to go, Oregon scored a touchdown, then lined up for an onside kick. Though Oregon appeared to have violated the 10 yard rule, officials awarded Oregon with the recovery and the ball, and Oregon went on to score after yet another controversial interference call. Oregon wins.

Here's a slow motion video of the on-side kick:

Making things worse, it looks like this edit that Oregon didn't even recover the onside kick:

I didn't watch it live, so I've got only the grainy flash video of YouTube, but the idea that Oregon got this ball is preposterous. Dan Fouts, hall of famer and OREGON GRAD, calls the call "ridiculous" on the broadcast:

You can watch 5:10 of insanity in this video, but you've got be hungry, because most of it is already above:

This will go down in the history of College Football as one of the all time blown sequences.

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