Take It to the Bank: Poor Aggie Edition

    How many Aggies does it take to change a light bulb?       100:  One to screw in the bulb.  Ninety-nine to stand around and call it a tradition.  1.  A&M -1.5 at KU        And then there's the one about the Aggie who bet on A&M to win in Lawrence.        Really, this line is one of the best (or worst) Aggie jokes ever.   Unfortunately, it is intended to prey upon those poor, misguided Aggie souls who do not realize that KU is not only the better team, but one that finds as many ways to win at home as it finds to lose on the road.  Not to mention that Mangino's teams are probably the national champs of resiliency.  They don't wallow in self-pity after bitter defeats--they get after the next opponent. (Unfortunately, they have had plenty of practice in this regard.)

    And they don't back down.  Especially at home.     This would be a difficult pick at KU -9.  It is easy with A&M actually giving points in its first road game of the season at a venue that is tough as nails on the visiting team.        (One caveat:  If Freeman Johns, III is assigned to this game involving a team from his beloved home state of Texas, all bets are off.)

    (Well, maybe not.  I don't expect this game to be close enough that even Mr. Johns could make a difference.)

       KU   2.  Okie St -2 @ k-state       A team with an offense vs. a team with a defense.  The Kansas aggies are pathetic, but they are at home. Will that be enough?  Until Okie St wins one on the road, I will take their opponent.       k-state   3.   Texas -5 vs. Oklahoma       Freshman QB vs. senior kind-of-QB.  Whichever one is pressured into the most mistakes loses.  That does not bode well for the freshman.       But wait.  As they say in the Ronco commercials, there's more.  It's Stoops vs. Brown again without Vince Young as the wild card.  You know who that favors.       OKLAHOMA   4.  Baylor +4.5 at Colorado.       Colorado gets off the schneide with their first W of the season.        But not by 5.       BAYLOR   5.  Nebraska -7 at Iowa St       This line is almost as preposterous as the line I mocked last week when NU was a 21 point favorite (at the time--it later became 23) over KU.  Where are these lines coming from?  Not wanting to engage in hyperbole, I won't accuse Nebraska of sucking:  but they are not much better than mediocre--which is why KU's loss to them stung so much.       IOWA ST  

  6.  Mizzou +4.5 at Texas Tech

              I have to admit it:  I think Mizzou has a nice little team this year.  They look competent and efficient offensively, and competitive on defense.  Most importantly, they are playing smart ball and aren't beating themselves.

              That said, even though Chase Daniel looks solid as a rock when he is not pressured, that's about to stop.  He is going to have to start making quick decisions that will mean the difference between frustrating the opposition or giving them easy points.  And even though the D looks decent, it is not tough enough or fast enough to stop good offenses.

              Tech is hitting its stride with its last second come from behind victory on the road last Saturday in College Station.  Look for Mizzou to take its first loss of the season.


  7.  Northwestern +20.5 at Wisconsin

              When you have a good horse, ride it for all it's worth.  Taking Northwestern to lose by more than the spread is a good horse.  I'll ride it until it gives me a good reason not to.


  8.  Penn St -3 at Minnesota

              Joe Pa.  Glen Mason. 

              PENN ST

  9.  Michigan St +15.5 at Michigan

              This is a lot of points in a rivalry this big.  Forget about MSU's loss to Illinois last week.  That was Hangover City from the Notre Dame Going Out of Business Giveaway.  With Mangino, they win that game easily.  Regardless, the Spartans will be ready to play football again this week.  Probably won't win in Ann Arbor, but should be able to stay within this spread.

              MICHIGAN ST

  10.  Pitt at Syracuse

              Hey, Pitt wholly beat Toledo to the tune of 45-3 last Saturday.  They are certainly 7 points better than Syracuse.  At least on a neutral field.  Unfortunately, the Orange Dome is not neutral.


  11.  LSU -1.5 at Florida

              You aren't going to get Florida as a home dog very often.  The home field and senior Chris Leak make the swamp a dangerous place for a Bengal Tiger.


  12.  Vanderbilt -1.5 at Ole Miss

              Ole Miss gave Georgia everything the Bulldogs could handle last week.  Of course, who hasn't recently?  Because they are at home:

              OLE MISS

  13.  Tennessee -2.5 at Georgia

              Georgia takes out 0-5 Colorado on a last minute TD pass at home.  They squeeze by 1-4 Ole Miss on the road.  What does this mean for Tennessee?  Maybe that Georgia has been looking ahead to them for two weeks and will unleash its entire arsenal on the Volunteers this Saturday.

              It might also mean Georgia sucks. 

              Until they play well again, the looking ahead theory is just that.  The Georgia sucks theory has some support.


  14.  Washington +20.5 at Southern Cal

              I will continue riding the surprising horse called "USC can't beat anyone by 20 anymore."


  15.  Oregon +5 at Cal

              Not to mention the horse that is the Cal juggernaut.



    As UT fans have been known to chant at the end of many a game vs. A&M:  "Pooooor Agg-ies."