Take it to the Bank: California Dreamin edition

First week of November. The days are shorter. There is a refreshing chill in the air.The Bowl wheat starts getting separated from the Bowl chaff. The Bowl spinach gets separated from the Bowl e-coli. The Bowl salad gets separated from the Bowl dead rat.

In short, it is time to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. Beginning with:

1. KU at Iowa St (Pick)

Piece of Cake. Can of Corn. DQ Blizzard with Reesing's Pieces. Eat in or Kerry out. Either way, No AB means the Jayhawks rule supreme like a pizza as they feast on the road. Maybe Mangino can make it part of his regular diet.


2. Mizzou +6 at Nebraska

Adam Barmann passed for 950 yards against Nebraska. You know Chase Daniel is licking his chops. Tony Temple might be out, but NU is not as physical as A&M and OU. Mizzou will likely find a way to lose at the end, but they should cover.


3. Oklahoma St +17 at Texas

I would take Okie St outright if this game were in Stillwater. Their offense will run UT more ragged than Tech did. And their D will be tougher. If they are not psyched out by the world's biggest video screen, the Okie Aggies should easily stay within the point spread, making this the Vegas Gift of the Week.


4. k-state +3.5 at Colorado

k-state and its freshman QB get treated rudely on the road. CU won't score much, but they won't have to. After Saturday, it's KU, CU, and k-state tied with 2 conference W's.


5. Baylor +17.5 at Texas Tech

If Baylor's Shawn Bell hadn't torn his ACL, this would be a reasonably close game. Can't say I expect much from a backup QB making his first appearance on the road.


6. Oklahoma -3 at Texas A&M

A&M is laying in wait for this game. Kyle Field will be rockin', so don't bother knockin'. It will be like the otherwise outmanned Aggies have a 13th man. And a 14th. . .


7. Purdue +2 at Michigan St

Has any team gone from the Penthouse to the Outhouse faster than Michigan St this year? Or, if not the Penthouse, at lease an urban loft. Purdue isn't great, but they are good enough to finish what Northwestern couldn't.


8. Indiana +6 at Minnesota

What cesspool in Vegas did this line climb out from? Indiana is closing like last year's Jayhawks. The Golden Gophers? They couldn't cover this spread against North Dakota St. Vegas's second Gift of the Week.


9. Boston College -4 at Wake Forest

Did you even know Wake Forest fielded a football team? Or am I thinking of North Carolina? Or Duke?


10. Pitt -5 at South Florida

The poor man's Todd Reesing keeps it close for USF at home-just as he did in Lawrence lo these many weeks ago.


11. Virginia Tech -2.5 at Miami (FL)

I'll keep picking against the U until they cover. That run in with FIU just keeps following them around like Joe Btfsplk's rain cloud.


12. LSU -3 at Tennessee

How do you pick against Tennessee at home, with Rocky Top blaring and Smokey howling? And getting three points to boot? You don't. Not with LSU 0-2 in road games.


13. Arkansas -2.5 at South Carolina

The Razorbacks are back. Spread the word. Or the slop.


14. Arizona St +3 at Oregon St

Oregon St. The only team in the country to beat USC--and lose to Boise St. by 4 TD's. Will the real OSU Beavers please stand up? Of course, to stand up, they would first have to return to earth.


15. UCLA +17 at Cal

Patrick Ewing once said, "We (NBA players) make a lot of money. But we spend a lot of money." Likewise, this is a lot of points. But Cal scores a lot of points.


Taking Aim on Ames. . .


_______________________________________________________________Remember, as always: 1. These picks are for entertainment purposes only. 2. You get what you pay for. 3. There are no refunds.