Weekend Reading for the Jayhawk Fan

While you're putting off raking leaves, and while I'm leaving on a jet plane to Manhappenin, I would recommend that you download and print Ken Pomeroy's Big 12 preview. It's a fact-filled journey to and through each Big 12 team this year, including the ridiculously favored toddler Jays.

The PDF comes from this post and make sure if you use run-on sentences like me, that you also give credit to Ken Pomeroy and maybe throw out some love to the Phog Blog to all of your non-PB friends

You should be doing that any way. And if you haven't ever commented, why not drop us a comment and engage the most intelligent set of Hawk fans outside of the Bourgeois Pig. And we know they're poseurs anyhoo. Bunch of wine swizzling, cigarette eating poseurs.