Take It To the Bank: Week 11 (Bye-Bye Birdie)

In a can't lose weekend for the Jayhawks:

1. Nebraska +1 at A&M

KU fans should be experts on these two teams, having watched the Hawks blow fourth quarter leads to both. I would take NU in Lincoln or on a neutral field. As a general rule, Kyle Field is not neutral.


2. Iowa St +8 at Colorado

Iowa St must suck. They lost to KU. Not good for job security. But speaking of sucking: CU has lost to KU and k-state on consecutive weekends. My theory in this game is that you have to score 8 points before you can win by 8.

Iowa St

3. Baylor +16.5 at Okie St

Just when Baylor thought they were improving, they have to start over at QB. They lost to a lesser team than Okie St by 34 last week in Lubbock.


4. Texas Tech +8.5 at Oklahoma

OU has adjusted to losing both their QB and Heisman caliber RB and is again playing hard-nosed, solid as a rock, Bob Stoops football. And they have a score to settle with Tech for last year's Replay Extravaganza.


5. Texas -17.5 at k-state

Texas is in no danger of losing this one. How could they with a Freeman on the field to protect their BCS interests? But they do have a tendency to let opponents hang around in road games. This could easily be a 10-14 point game if k-state takes care of the ball. I am tempted to take k-state to cover, but would be kicking myself Saturday if were to fall behind 24-0 in the second quarter.


6. Purdue +2 at Illinois

My dentist, who went to Purdue, says the Boilers suck. He's taking Illinois. He sounds as convinced as I was in Week 3 that KU would find a way to lose to Toledo. If you can't trust your dentist, who ya gonna trust? I mean, he puts sharp things in your mouth. . .


7. Minnesota at Michigan St (Pick)

Michigan St has replaced Northwestern as my Big Ten Easy Money Game of the Week Loser:


8. Georgia Tech -13.5 at UNC

UNC is my ACC Easy Money Game of the Week Loser:


9. Wake Forest +7 at Florida St

Forgive me, Wake, for doubting you last week. And curse you like the Demons you are if you don't cover this week.


10. Syracuse +7.5 at South Florida

South Florida has turned into a nice little team. They would be a legitimate contender in the Big 12 North. Syracuse? They might be hard pressed to be a legitimate contender in Division 12.


11. Tennessee +4.5 at Arkansas

Take the Last Train to Clarksville and call me Davey Jones, because I'm a Believer in the Hogs. Another Pleasant Valley Saturday in Fayetteville.


12. Georgia +13 at Auburn

Georgia is my SEC Easy Money Game of the Week Loser:


13. Houston -6.5 at SMU

Kevin Kolb for Heisman. I saw it on Cold Pizza, so it must be true.


14. Oregon St -1.5 at UCLA

Hang in there, Bruins fans. Basketball season is nigh.


15. Oregon +7.5 at Southern Cal

Not so long ago, Southern Cal -7.5 against anyone was like stealing. These days, is there anyone not named Stanford the Trojans can pillage?

I don't wanna play, I just want to watch other teams all day. . .