NAU - KU thoughts

I watched this game from a wedding reception bar, so forgive me for less than precise thoughts.

It has been said, but this NAU team was not a bad team. They won their conference last year and they returned 4 starters. They'll mostly likely be Dancing in March. That's capital D and capital M.

We pretty much destroyed them.

This team hasn't worked out a full understanding of team defense (more helping, more doubling down in the post). Once they do, look out, because it won't be fun for opponents.

I don't remember watching a more athletic team at KU, or anywhere else for that matter.

I have concerns about our ability to defend the interior. I'm hoping our quickness will make up for our lack of size.

How about that crossover from Collins? He gets to practice against two of the quickest guards in the Big 12 and I'm guessing that he makes them look stupid more often than not.

Anybody else care to share (a square)?

Completely basketball unrelated, but this student animation hit me square in the heart in a way that well...just watch the darn thing and give it some time. Seriously. Watch the whole thing.

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