A modest proposal to make everyone happy regarding the everpresent goalpost dilemma

Hey, I love good gratuitous destruction of someone else's property as much as the next guy, but I'm inclined to agree with Ryno that when we beat teams like KSU or MU at home, that we shouldn't give them a de facto compliment by tearing down the goalposts in a raucous celebration. Indeed, for such games as these, I have a modest proposal. For games that KU should and does win, I propose we keep another set of goal posts on hand for a band of students to come together to put up.

That's right, an additional set of goal posts.

Having a fanbase tear down posts validates the losers as worthy adversaries. Having said fanbase erect an entirely new and gratuitous set of posts would bestow upon them the ultimate indignity...'even if you had two sets of goal posts at which to kick, you could not have beaten us you miserable slime...'

Anyway, we'd make national news for it and it could be our own tradition.

Who's with me?