How to carve a turkey (Happy Thanksgiving evehboddy)

Having once again volunteered to provide both sides of our family with a little Thanksgiving turkey, I figured I would pass on a little internet knowledge for all you other turkey makers out there. It's a little late, I know, but if it's not helpful for you this year, it might help next year. First of all, brine that bird! Soak it for at least 12-15 hours in a nice brining solution. I get mine from Williams-Sonoma. It's a little more expensive, but it's hassle free, and it's the best turkey you'll ever taste. Moist moist moist.

Last year, I made this really tasty turkey, but butchered it like a nubile young thing in a horror flick. It looked like road kill, but my was it good!

This year, I've turned to my good friend the internets and used the youtube to find the way to carve this thing properly. I've decided to carve the whole breast off and slice thereafter, as opposed to slicing off the bird. Much easier, in my humble opinion. Here's a video showing you how. Remember, you only have to get your turkey to 165 degrees this year, which means tastier meat for all!

Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving.