Dartmouth: Bad At Basketball

Dean Oliver was, I believe, the first to posit that there are "four factors" to offensive or defensive success: shooting, turnovers, rebounding, and free throws. Dartmouth is poor in each of those areas whether they or their opponents (@UMass, @GW, Colgate, Siena, @Hartford--all losses) have the ball. Dartmouth shoots under 42% from the field and they allow their opponents to shoot over 57%.

They turn the ball over on 23.6% of their possessions and they force turnovers on just 20.2% of their opponents possessions. That's actually not terrible but my larger point here is that the best you can say about Dartmouth's basketball team is that there's an area in which they are not terrible, merely below average. They get just 29% of possible offensive rebounds and 65 % of possible defensive rebounds.

The Big Green can shoot free throws--they've made 73% of their attempts--but they rarely get the chance. They make one free throw for every 7.4 field goals they attempt. Their opponents shoot one free throw for every 3.3 field goals they attempt.

Kansas is going to win this game going away whether they play or they play poorly, whether they play with passion or just go through the motions. Dartmouth's bad and they're decimated by injuries. More than half their roster has missed at least one game so far. I think the most we'll learn tonight is how many shots Jeremy Case can get up in garbage time.