Julian Wright Interview

Luke Winn interviews Julian Wright at SI.com. LW: If the night before the Florida win was serious, what was the night after like in Vegas?

JW: We actually left right away. People were happy, but they were tired, too -- it was a high-intensity game. We watched the tape on the way back, and even though we won, we knew we still had work to do, that it's just a stepping stone to getting better.

LW: So you're telling me no one wanted to pull an all-nighter on the Strip.

JW: I think a lot of guys wanted to stay a little bit longer, but it was a tiring trip. We didn't even get back into our rooms until sunrise. Had we gone out [in Vegas], I would have been more scared for the staff than the players. (Laughing.)

Ed. UPDATE: Got to pull out this quote from the comments (thanks Harger):

My name is Tad and I love Julian more than anything in the world. Words can't describe my passion -Tad