Phog Blog record prediction contest (free t shirt, yo)

Ken Pomeroy predicts just one actual loss for the Hawks between now and the Big 12 Tournament - at Nebraska. That projection will surely change over time. Overall, he projects that KU will be 27-3 (due to risk adusting an additional loss in there non-specificallly) going into the post-season. I don't think we'll lose at Nebraska, for what it's worth, and I don't think we'll lose to A&M at home. I do think, however that we'll lose one or two more weirdo games that I'm not seeing so clearly yet.

Speaking of record projections, I never made one. Here it is, Jeremy's official Phog Blog Prediction: 36-3

Doing that would break the record for all time wins in a season by KU and we'd have to get to the championship game to get there. Whether we will win or not...too hazy.

Speaking of projections, drop your projection in the comments and the person who ends up closest wins a Phog Blog t shirt. In the case of a tie, we'll rig up some elaborate scheme by which the shirt can be transferred daily between the respective winners. Actually, I have more than one t shirt to give .

NOTE: I always pick optimistically. Since KU basketball doesn't really matter, there's no harm in it. Pick away.