Self: Kansas isn't elite, but will be

Nice read from Andy Katz, who interviewed Self after the other night's game. I'll pull a few quotes for you:

While Self is having as much "fun" coaching this team as he has any in his previous three years, the inconsistencies from just about everyone prevents him from pushing KU into the elite company of teams that can win six games in March -- at least not yet.

"I think Carolina, Florida, UCLA, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Pitt could all be those teams [that win six games for the title]," Self said. "I'm not sure I'd put us in that group because we're too inconsistent. We haven't demonstrated over time that we can be consistently good.

"We do too many things because of our age that on a bad night could get you beat," Self said. "There are too many mental mistakes and we need to become a smarter basketball team and understand time, score and momentum."

Also interesting is the fact that KU is now 31-4 since mid January of last year, which isn't a bad clip at all. He goes on to add:

"We started out 20-1 my second year," said Self of a team that included Wayne Simien, Aaron Miles and Keith Langford. "But that team had a ceiling and the ceiling on this team is higher than that team. I thought our team played unbelievable last year [late to win the Big 12 tournament over Texas] but they weren't ready to take that next step because of inexperience. This year's team is more prepared to take the next step. [snip] "We can play different styles," Self said. "Our hope is that our first-shot defense is solid and even though our offense is inconsistent, we do have guys who can make plays. But if our first-shot defense isn't good, then we've got to rebound the ball better, take care of the basketball better since most of our mistakes our unforced. We've got to find a way to steal five more possessions a game through our rebounding and if we do that then this team can be quite better."