Phog Blog Prediction: Nobody in the NBA next year

There you have it. We might lose someone to transfer over the off season...Brady Morningstar or Jeremy Case perhaps, but I don't think anyone from KU will go league at the end of this year. Blame it on balance or whatever, but no one, not Rush, not Wright, not Arthur or Collins or Chalmers or Kaun, is lighting it up enough to get the attention of NBA Scouts. Handsome Seth Davis shares his anonymouse conversations with said Scouts about KU's players here:

On Julian Wright, Kansas sophomore forward: "Some people think Wright is the truth. I'm OK on him. His shooting scares me, but he is very skilled and very active. The guy I like on that team is Sherron Collins. I tell you what, he's like Quinn Buckner reborn. Stocky, though, makes plays, defends. I was pretty impressed with him."

Bill Mayer doesn't think anyone is going either.

Anyone else disagree?