Jayhawks and the Big 12 Individual Leader Boards

As everyone (Nebraska excepted) has reached at least the 1/4 point of their conference schedule, I've compiled the first set of individual leader boards (conference games only, must play 50% of your team's minutes) for the Big 12. The complete list can be found here. Jayhawks make appearances in the following categories:

% of Team's Minutes Played: Rush, 10th

eFG%: Kaun, 1st; Collins, 2nd; Robinson, 4th

worst eFG%: Chalmers, 7th; Rush, 8th

Most PPWS: Robinson, 1st; Collins, 2nd; Kaun, 4th

Fewest PPWS: Wright, 7th

Points/100 possessions: Collins, 9th

Fewest Points/100 possessions: Robinson, 9th; Chalmers, 10th

Assists/100 possessions: Collins, 2nd; Robinson, 5th; Chalmers, 9th

Assist-to-turnover ratio: Robinson, 10th

Most turnovers/100 possessions: Wright, 6th

Steals/100 possessions: Chalmers, 1st; Wright, 7th

Blocks/100 possessions: Kaun, 1st; Wright, 2nd

Offensive rebound percentage: Wright, 10th

Defensive rebound percentage: Wright, 4th