Four-Way Tie Raises Questions - Like Whose PT Will Collins Steal?

I haven't yet acquired the statistical jones of some of Phog Blog's contributors, but some stats are so glaring they get up and slap you in the face. Example: The current four-way tie for first in the Big 12. KU, Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech all stand at 4-1. True, it's early yet to discern the shape of the conference race, but this unsightly log jam provides some food for thought:

Is Texas Tech a genuine contender? After the KU loss, word was that the Jayhawks lost to a team that was mediocre at best. Second thoughts, anyone?

How far can freshman Kevin Durant carry Texas? After Darrell Arthur's less-than-sterling performance in last night's played-up match-up with Kevin Rogers, it's not hard to guess who would get the best of a Durant-Arthur match-up. Texas has other tools (DJ Augustin, A.J. Abrams), but Durant makes or breaks the Longhorns. So far, that's been good news for Texas.

And, on the KU front: Whose minutes will Sherron Collins steal? Mario Chalmers' foul trouble has freed up time for the poised freshman, but this won't last. Bill Self has been vocal about "Glue-man" Robinson's place in the line-up, and Chalmers seems to be coming out of the offensive fog that has troubled him for the last four games. But increasingly, KU is better when Collins is on the court. Collins flourishes under pressure and knows how to change the momentum of a game-so something has to give.

Your takes?