Recap: Kansas 82 Baylor 56

Sometimes witnessing the simple act of putting away an inferior opponent can bring a smile to a fan's face. Now to the number's that weren't printed in the box score:

Team eFG% OR% TO% FT Rate FT% PPP
KU 56.9 38.2 23.6 27.6 69.6 1.14
BU 33.3 40.4 25.1 30.3 60.0 0.78

The game was played at 72 possessions. Per the discussion yesterday: pace up, shooting up, turnovers up, scoring and offensive efficiency both up, thumbs up.

I hesitate to place too much predictive value on the offensive performance last night as it looks so much like what every other conference team has accomplished against Baylor.

Team eFG% OR% TO% FT Rate FT% PPP
BU def v. KU 56.9 40.4 25.1 39.7 69.6 1.14
BU def v. Big 12 50.3 41.2 16.9 39.5 74.3 1.16

The second column, Baylor's numbers against Big 12 opposition, do not include the Kansas game, naturally.

It was a rather thorough domination last night. Kansas wouldn't want to give up 40% of their possible defensive rebounds every game...actually, I'm sure they would want to if doing so came accompanied by field goal shooting as inept as Baylor managed last night. The Jayhawk defense held Baylor, at home, almost 20% below their conference average offensive efficiency.

Team eFG% OR% TO% FT Rate FT% PPP
BU off v. Big 12 44.3 36.5 21.4 22.0 66.7 0.96
BU off v. KU 33.3 40.4 25.1 18.2 60.0 0.78

It's Colorado in the Fieldhouse on Saturday. The Buffalos may be the worst team in any of the six major conferences. That may be the basis of my game preview as I'd be at a loss as to how Colorado might trouble Kansas in a basketball game.