"THE" REAL Standings: It's Game Day on Campus


KU and UT were the big winners in this week's early slate of games. Both Contenders picked up ½ game on the rest of the field by prevailing in at-risk Road games vs. Pretenders NU and Texas Tech respectively, losers of at-risk Home games.

My how time flies. It seems like only a week ago that Tech was being touted as a team on par with KU, A&M, UT and Okie St, just because the Red Raiders had won two games at home and were tied in the newspaper standings. They have since fallen to 6th place in the newspaper, behind 5th place k-state-exactly where they were a week ago in the REAL Standings. But, then, that's why they are called the REAL Standings.

All the projected winners-Baylor at Home, A&M at Home, and k-state at Home-garnered their W's without muss or fuss, leaving their REAL records unchanged.


1. 13.5-2.5

Kansas (6-1)

(No projected L's; at risk games at Mizzou, at k-state, at OU)

2. 12-4

Texas (6-1)

(projected L's at A&M, at KU; at risk games at Baylor, at OU)

3. 11-5

Texas A&M (6-1)

(projected L's at KU, at Okie St, at UT; at risk games at NU, at OU)

Oklahoma St (4-2)

(projected L at UT; at risk games at NU, at OU, at Tech, at Baylor)

5. 9-7

k-state (5-2)

(projected L's at UT, at KU, at NU, at Okie St; at risk games vs. KU, at CU)

6. 7.5-8.5

Texas Tech (4-3)

(projected L's at OU, at Okie St, at A&M, at UT, at ISU; at risk game vs. Okie St)

7. 7-9

Iowa St (2-5)

(projected L's at UT, at k-state, at KU, at NU)

8. 6.5-9.5

Mizzou (2-5)

(projected L's at ISU, at Okie St, at NU, at A&M; at risk games vs. KU)

9. 6-10

Oklahoma (3-4)

(projected L's at Baylor, at ISU, at Mizzou, at k-state; at risk games vs. Okie St, vs. A&M, vs. UT, vs. KU)

10. 5.5-10.5

Nebraska (1-5)

(projected L's at Mizzou, at Tech, at KU, at Baylor; at risk games vs. A&M, at CU, vs. Okie St)

11. 5-11

Baylor (2-6)

(projected L's at ISU at Mizzou, at A&M, at Tech; at risk games vs. UT, vs. Okie St)

12. 2-14

Colorado (1-7)

(projected L's vs. Okie St, at k-state, vs. KU, at Tech, at ISU, at Mizzou; at risk games vs. k-state, vs. NU)


The Weekend Big XII Games, with IQ (Interest Quotient) are:

1. Nebraska at Mizzou** (12:30p.m.) Projected W: Mizzou

Go out for lunch. Take a nap. Use this time to rest up for more interesting games.

2. Okie St at Colorado*1/2 (2:00p.m.) Projected W: Okie St

This isn't one of the games you are resting up for.

3. k-state at UT (2:30p.m.)***1/2 Projected W: UT

Two of the conference's Top 5 teams on the same court at the same time. Worth a look.

4. Baylor at Iowa St** (5:00p.m.) Projected W: Iowa St

Only worth watching to see if Baylor can carry over solid performances at UT and vs. UT to Ames. Baylor is no threat to grab an NCAA bid, but they are on the verge of shedding their long-time laughingstock status.

5. Texas Tech at OU*** (7:00p.m.) Projected W: OU

Watchable game. Two solid, if unspectacular teams. Watchable that is, until halftime, which will come at approximately 8:00p.m. . . .

6. A&M at KU**** (8:00p.m.) Projected W: KU

Game Day. Rece. Hubert. Digger. Duke-Boy. Dickie V. That other guy that always sits next to Dickie V. It will be worth the wait. The crème de la crème of the college basketball weekend. The pièce de résistance. KU will remain in first place in the REAL Standings regardless of the outcome, but A&M can stake its claim to being the best team in the league if it can walk out of Allen Fieldhouse with a victory. They can also close the gap in the REAL Standings to a manageable one-half game. Otherwise, they will remain 2.5 games behind the Jayhawks, and their championship dreams will be nothing but dust in the Kansas wind.

Happy couch-potatoing.