TV Time of Top Teams

Saw this in Luke "I'm your father" Winn's rankings today:

A stat I like to check each year for the projected No. 1 seeds is "TV Rate" -- the percentage of nationally televised games on their schedules. Using the No. 1s from Stew Mandel's first bracket, here's how it breaks down:

Team Gs. TV PctTV North Carolina 31 22 70.2 UCLA 30 17 56.7 Florida 31 10 32.3 Wisconsin 31 9 29.0

The Tar Heels, the leaders at 70.2 percent, are aided by the ACC's superior TV contract, getting games on ABC, CBS, ESPN and FSN. Defending national champ Florida is shockingly under-televised, at 32.3 percent, but it's mostly due to the SEC's lack of ESPN exposure. Wisconsin pulls up the rear, expectedly, but also trails Ohio State by a huge margin within the Big Ten. The Buckeyes checked in at 50 percent (15 of 30 games).

Duke, meanwhile, blows away everyone with 90.3 percent of its games (28 of 31) on national TV, including each of its final 25 regular-season contests. It was a decent arrangement during the Redick-Landlord years, but now ... it's a little overboard.