Last 10 games....

More likely than not, we're either 1-0 or 2-0 headed into our last ten games. Pomeroy has us favored in the rest of our games, but, at least according to his rankings, OU will be a nailbiter. It may very well be, but I think OU is way over-rated by Pomeroy.

I've had our game at Bramlage circled as a toughy since day one, and I still think the game will be tough. This team seems to have responded to a pee-away loss this year as they did last year, with steely resolve. You might call this team a spark plug with a bonfire's mentality. Or I might.

Duke lost again. I believe that's four in a row and they've got Boston College on the horizon. When ESPN is speculating that you mightn't make the tournament, they're trying to increase ratings for your upcoming games.

Anyone else notice that we're scoring more points / game in conference than in non-conference games? That can't be that common in major conferences. Might want to call that a Sherroncidence, since boyo's averaging about 13 points a game in conference games and is clearly a fire hydrant with a bull dog's mentality.

If you haven't read this diary of a mock selection meeting, you need to.