KU's ranking next week?

KU is 8th in one poll and 9th in another. Since A&M, Pitt and UNC in front of KU have all lost, it's only natural that KU move up. But how much is the question? Why do I care? It's getting down to crunch time now and I really want to see KU with a 1 seed and / or trips to Chicago and St. Louis, and I think we've got a good shot at both. Here are the rankings:

1. FU - No change anticipated 2. OSU - No change anticipated 3. UW - No Change anticipated 4. UNC - Will drop to at least 5th, more if they lose at BC on Saturday. 5. UCLA - at ASU and at Arizona this week. The game at Arizona is HUGE for Zona given their recent skid. Up to 4 if they win. 6. A&M - Will drop a couple spots for a home loss. 7. Pitt - Will drop to at least 10 for getting drubbed at home by a suspect Louisville team 8.5 KU - Will move up at least two - three spots if we can win both at CU and against NU at home. 8.5 Memphis - I think they've hit their ceiling in terms of ranking this year. Everybody knows they play in a crappy conference and wouldn't have one 13 in a row. They might move up to 7/8, but I doubt we see them much higher.

At present, I think KU will skip both A&M and Pitt, and perhaps UNC. If UCLA loses, KU *might be able to hop up to 4th, but it's unlikely. In any case, I like where things are going. OSU and UW play each other and one of them has to lose. The winner of that game gets a one seed in my opinion, but I don't think they'll both get ones...the big 10 just isn't that great this year.

Here's how I see the one seeds:

1-1 - Florida 1-2 - OSU / UW winner assuming no other losses 1-3 - ?? 1-4 - ??

I think those other two slots are up in the air. UCLA is in a prime spot for one of them and UNC will probably grab the other, but I really don't think it's as locked up as the punditry seems to have assumed.