REAL Standings: Aggies Lower the Boom

WEEKEND WRAP-UP A&M picked up a critical half game in the REAL Standings Saturday by going into Norman and pulling out an at-risk game vs. the Sooners. In doing so, they reclaimed a piece of the league lead with KU, as well as the inside track for the No. 1 seed in the money-grubbing rip-off known as the Big 12 tournament. Although, for the second year in a row, the tournament could determine who is accepted as the conference's best team if both A&M and KU go finish the regular season at 14-2 and then meet on a neutral court on Selection Sunday.

Not that the regular season will necessarily wind up in a deadlock. The edge may well go to whether k-state or UT is the tougher Road-Rivalry game.

Speaking of UT and k-state, those two teams are now tied for third place in the REAL Standings, as UT picked up a half game in Waco after surviving a last second potentially game winning shot by Baylor.

In other games, the big news was Mizzou's pickup of a full game in Stillwater by turning its projected L into an actual W. By doing so, the Tigers climb from a tie for 9th place with Iowa St to a tie for 7th with Nebraska.

In games of no consequence, k-state downed Iowa St at Home as projected; Tech disposed of Colorado in Lubbock as projected; and KU, winning as projected, treated Nebraska like a directional school. How does SENU sound?


1. 12.5-3.5

Texas A&M (10-2)

(projected L at UT; at risk game at OSU)

Kansas (10-2)

(projected L at k-state; at risk game at OU)

3. 11.5-4.5

k-state (8-4)

(at risk game at Okie St)

Texas (9-3)

(projected L at KU; at risk game at OU)

5. 8-8

Texas Tech (6-6)

(projected L's at UT, at ISU)

6. 7.5-8.5

Nebraska (4-7)

(projected L at Baylor; at risk game at CU)

7. 7-9

Oklahoma (6-6)

(projected L's at Mizzou, at k-state; at risk games vs. UT, vs. KU)

Mizzou (5-7)

(projected L's at NU, at A&M)

9. 6-10

Oklahoma St (5-6)

(projected L's at Tech, at Baylor, at NU; at risk games vs. A&M vs. k-state)

Iowa St (4-8)

(projected L's at KU, at NU)

11. 4-12

Baylor (2-10)

(projected L's at A&M, at Tech)

12. 2.5-13.5

Colorado (2-10)

(projected L's at ISU, vs. k-state, at Mizzou; at risk game vs. NU)


The Mid-Week Big XII Games, with IQ (Interest Quotient) are:


1. KU at k-state**** (8:00p.m.) Projected W: k-state

This is it. The greatest streak in the history of college basketball is on the line, as KU goes for its 24th consecutive victory on its arch-rival's home court. This is the game Huggins has been talking about since the day he was hired by a school so desperate to end streak that it would hire someone like him. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Will k-state's gambit pay off? Or will KU be looking to extend its streak to a quarter of a century this time next year? One thing is for certain: Huggy the Cat will not leave anything in his bag of tricks. If you don't see it Monday night, it's not there.


2. OU at Mizzou*** (6:00p.m.) Projected W: Mizzou

This game became interesting with Mizzou's victory in Stillwater. OU can take a huge step toward injecting itself into the discussion for an at-large NCAA berth with a victory. Mizzou, meanwhile, can solidify its NIT resume.

3. Texas Tech at UT**** (8:00p.m.) Projected W: UT

Is Tech back on top of its game? Can it win another Road game vs. a Tier 1 team? After the Red Raiders' victory in College Station and UT's close shaves against Baylor (twice) and Iowa St, this game is worth watching.


4. Nebraska at Baylor** (6:30p.m.) Projected W: Baylor

Baylor has been in position to win deep into the second half in almost every Home game it has played in conference. The problem is, the Bears have no idea how to finish. They get a chance here against a team that just scored 39 and lost by 53.

5. Colorado at Iowa St* (7:00p.m.) Projected W: Iowa St

This game could not have come at a better time for the Cyclones. Not only is Colorado winless in conference on the Road, they are close-less. Their best Road loss was by 14 to Baylor. And-this is a revenge game. Who else can say that about playing CU? No one, actually. Unless Okie St somehow winds up in 5th place and faces the Buffaloes on a Thursday afternoon in Oklahoma City.

6. AM at Okie St**** (8:00p.m.)

Okie St was dropped from first tier to second tier status just this week. The way they have been playing lately makes you wonder whether they deserve to be even that high, or should they be relegated to the third tier with Colorado? Be that as it may, they still have Boggan, Eaton, Curry, and Dove. And, with the exception of Saturday, they have played well at Home. They will have plenty of incentive against the Aggies. Could be a dud-but it could also be a game to rival their efforts vs. UT and Tech. Worth looking in on.