Did anyone really think we could lose this game w/ Jack Bauer running interference for us on Fox? Prison Break is your show Huggs, 24 is ours (someone please stop me from doing this again...).

Speaking of TV, it was nice to see Bob Huggins had the time when he wasn't vomiting to steal a bunch of remnant costumes from some forgotten WB show and outfit his entire bench with them.

Despite KSU's FULL HOUSE (I'm doing it again), we AC Slatered them.

Ok, enough of that madness from me. Free PB T-shirt to the best TV pun for this game. Leave your best shot in the comments. Anyone mentioning Don Trump has to buy me a t-shirt. Anyone mentioning American Idol has to wear a Sateen Vest over a purple polo shirt.

Winner will be determined sometime later this week as long as enough of you participate.