Big Ten Wonk Examines Kansas's D

The always-excellent John Gasaway focuses on the Jayhawks and the Big 12 today. (Be sure to click that link if you're the sort that likes a good graph.)

Well, as it happens the Big XII does indeed have some wonderfully inept offenses this season. Iowa State, Colorado, Nebraska, and Oklahoma State are all scoring at a rate of 0.95 points per possession or worse in conference play...So, yes, we do need to dial back the hype on the Kansas D a little....

Emphasis on "a little." Fact is, this is an excellent D that happens to have faced a lot of weak offenses. Kansas doesn't have to answer for its opponents. No, the really interesting thing here is that the Kansas D is achieving almost the exact same level of excellence as last year's defense but through different means.

Last year KU forced an absurd number of turnovers from their opponents and made life miserable for any opposing player with the effrontery to attempt a two-point shot. This year the Jayhawks are getting fewer turnovers but are stronger on the defensive glass and much stronger in their 3FG defense. Oh, and this is off-topic but the offense in Lawrence this year (1.13 points per possession) is significantly better than last year's (1.07).