ESPN Talking Heads update Power 16

You know what that means...nothing, except maybe another contest of some sort. Well perhaps for another day. Anyway, a few of them talk about KU in their pollxplanations, so I'll pass those comments on to save you some time:

Jay Bilas:

Kansas is starting to come on, as is Georgetown. The Jayhawks remind me of the way we thought of Florida at this time last season.

Doug "Shorts on Backwards" Gottleib:

Kansas might seem a bit high to some, but look closer at what the Jayhawks have done and you can see my logic. Yes, they lost to A&M at home, but if we think back to that game, we remember that the Jayhawks dominated for 36 minutes before Acie Law put them to sleep. A&M has been incredibly impressive for the most part, but KU has won its five games since that loss by an average of 27.2 ppg and KU's out-of-conference performances are far superior to that of A&M's