Sherron versus the world

Lawson, Conley, Augustin, Crittendon and crew are getting all the props, but mightn't Sherron be hiding behind fewer minutes and actually be the best among them? Luke "I'm your Father" Winn kept KU at 8th in his power ratings, but he did give us some statistical comparisons of Ron versus his peers. The results?

Player Team OEff. ARate TORate Min% Augustin UT 117.0 35.2 24.6 83.1 Crittenton GT 107.4 30.9 26.4 77.2 Conley OSU 120.9 38.4 20.2 75.4 Vasquez MD 107.0 26.3 24.7 68.7 Lawson UNC 115.1 33.5 23.6 60.7 Collins KU 119.5 22.9 19.5 52.4

He's 2 out of 6 in Offensive efficiency, last in assist rate (although he creates assists for his teammates if you follow me) and lowest in turnover rate. He's also lowest in minutes played, so his early season growing pains are still factoring in more heavily than his peers.

I don't know what his minutes % has been over the last several games, but I'll bet it looks a little different if you amortize things over a shorter period of time...Sherron is probably even better offensively.