REAL Standings: UT Says, "OU Sucks"

WEEKEND WRAP-UP The quiet before the storm.

KU, A&M, Texas Tech, and Nebraska all won at Home as projected (vs. Iowa St, Baylor, Okie St, and Mizzou respectively). k-state won at Colorado as projected.

The only movement in the REAL Standings came with UT picking up ½ game by winning an at-risk contest at Norman. In doing so, they remained in the mix for the conference championship. Wins this week at Home vs. A&M and at KU would assure UT of at least a share of the title for second consecutive season.

REAL STANDINGS as of February 25, 2007

1. 13.5-2.5

Kansas (12-2)

(at risk game at OU)

2. 13-3

Texas A&M (12-2)

(projected L at UT)

3. 12-4

Texas (11-3)

(projected L at KU)

4. 10.5-5.5

k-state (9-5)

(at risk game at Okie St)

5. 8-8

Texas Tech (7-7)

(projected L at ISU)

6. 7.5-8.5

Nebraska (5-8)

(at risk game at CU)

7. 7-9

Mizzou (6-8)

(projected L at A&M)

8. 6.5-9.5

Oklahoma (6-8)

(projected loss at k-state; at risk gamevs. KU)

9. 6-10

Iowa St (5-9)

(projected L at NU)

10. 5.5-10.5

Oklahoma St (5-8)

(projected L's at Baylor, at NU; at risk game vs. k-state)

11. 4-12

Baylor (3-11)

(projected L at Tech)

12. 2.5-13.5

Colorado (2-12)

(projected L at Mizzou; at risk game vs. NU)


The Mid-week Big XII Games, with IQ (Interest Quotient) are:


1. KU at Oklahoma***1/2 (8:00p.m.) No projection-at risk game

Easy pickin's for the Jayhawks? Maybe. But a Must win on the Road if the Hawks are serious about defending their conference championship. They better come to play, because OU will be desperate for a W after losing four in a row.


2. k-state at Okie St*** (8:00p.m.) No projection-at risk game

Okie St has gone from contender to pretender to sack of manure. They get a chance to play spoiler here. And k-state just might be ripe to be spoiled, playing as they will be for its NCAA seed.


3. Colorado at Mizzou* (6:00p.m.) Projected W: Mizzou

Is this game REALly necessary?

4. Baylor at Texas Tech** (7:00p.m.) Projected W: Tech

Baylor goes for the season sweep over the Boys of Knight. Tech needs to keep winning not only to prevent that ignominious occurrence from-uh, occurring--but to cement their invitation to the Big Dance.

5. Iowa St at Nebraska** (7:00p.m.) Projected W: Nebraska

NU still hoping to finish at the coveted .500 mark in conference play. They have to win out, but their remaining games are all winnable-this game, at CU, and Okie St in that snow make-up affair.

6. A&M at UT**** (8:00p.m.) Projected W: UT

Elimination Game. Unless KU falls at Norman, the loser of this game is either out of the race (UT) or dependent on the kindness of others (A&M). This will be as much fun as you can legally have watching basketball in February.