Rankings tomorrow

This post will be good for about 15 hours, so get while the getting is good. A quick and dirty projection of next week's rankings.

1. Wisconsin - Lost...twice...and lost a player. Next week: 6th

2. Ohio State - Nearly peed the bed against Penn State...again...beat a Wisconsin team missing its leading rebounder by a point at home. Next week: moving to their rightful position as the greatest team in all of basketball.

3. Florida - Lost to LSU, sans Glen Big Baby Davis. What's worse, they got only 23 rebounds. I guess they have an excuse because they have the SEC locked up and have for weeks now, it seems, but one must wonder whether the listless play will carry over into the tournament. If any future Florida foes are watching, here's how you beat them: zone them, get Joachim frustrated and hope that Humpty isn't hot. Next week: 4th

4. UCLA - Two solid wins this week, which is about all you can ask for. Next week: 2nd. The only true lock for a one seed, in my opinion, but this means very little. Next week: 2nd (but they'll get some more first place votes)

5. UNC - A pull-away victory over NCSU and a give-away loss at Maryland. If Maryland were a better team and if they hadn't had a 12 point lead with less than 10 to play, this wouldn't have been a bad loss. Still, they'll get a pass and probably stay a one seed without another slip-up. Next week: 6th

6. KU - A solid win at Huggyville in the biggest game in Manhattan in the last twenty years and another pasting of a conference foe in the Phog v. Iowa State. Next week: 3rd

7. Memphis - I don't know where to put these guys. I've got to think that it says something that KU is pounding better opponents by more. Next week: 7th. I think they've hit their ceiling. I said that a few weeks ago.

8. A&M - The Aggies got the job done...it just wasn't that tough of job. Next week: 8th.

So by the twisted crimson and blue reasoning above, KU should be in pretty good shape for a one seed. But in this coastally biased world in which we livin, I wouldn't be surprised to see them stuck at 6th.

Here's the Phog Blog projected top ten for next week.

1. An Ohio State University 2. UCLA 3. KU 4. Florida 5. UNC 6. Wisconsin 7. Memphis 8. A&M 9. Georgetown 10. Nevada (Idaho State Champions)

Placing 3, 4, 5 and 6 wasn't easy, so this is my vote people.