Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Prepare yourself for a coffee-addled, stream-of-consciousness, hyphen-laden trip. I do not think I've ever seen a better half of shooting than UT displayed yesterday during half one.

After ESPN's overly-made-up wagging tongues continually revised history with the notion that KU won because Durant was injured, it was nice to see Jay Bilas get it right on "Midnight Madness," when he called KU's performance the best of the day, saying that KU took a huge hit from UT in the first half and then just exerted their will on UT in the second half. Bilas was one of the very first on KU's bandwagon.

I bought my plane ticket to the Final Four last week.

I was less nervous at halftime than I was before the start of the game.

OSU is projected in St Louis at present, and KU in San Antonio. Columbus is a little more than 500 miles from East Rutherford. Columbus is about 418 miles from St Louis. There are more OSU alum between OSU and East Rutherford than OSU and St Louis. I hope the committee takes that sort of thing into account, because sending OSU to ER and KU to SL would likely be better for both teams.

Sherron Collins will be back. Self would be smart to let Collins get his sea legs again in the B12 tournament. I think he'll be fine.