First Reaction on the Brackets...

West: KU: Kind of irritated to see KU out West against UCLA, but no worries.

Nova / UK: I see Nova winning this game, but I would love to see UK in the second round.

Tech / Illinois: Tech should win, but maybe Weber can pull out the Orange coat.

So. Illinois: Good seed...they defend well..should be a good 2nd round game.

Duke / VCU: 6 seed is generous to Duke, but I'm guessing they'll play well in the tourney.

Pitt / Wright State: Pitt needs to rebound

Indiana / Gonzaga: Should be a good game, but the Zags are overmatched.

UCLA: Weber State is probably worse than Niagara.


UNC: They won't make the Final Four. By far the toughest draw of any top 1/2 seed, IMO. They've a very small chance of making the Final Four, let alone anything else.

Marquette / Michigan: both good teams, but MSU is underseeded.

USC / Arkansas: USC wins.

UT / NMSU: Watch out for UT. Durant is a huge problem for anyone. He breaks Roy's heart this year if Izzo doesn't break it before that.

Vandy / GW: Upset special. UF dragged SEC teams' seeds up.

WSU / ORU: No one will overlook ORU because of KU. WSU plays slow so ORU could stay close and you all know what happen when Vealy gets hot.

BC / Tech: Give Bob Knight a week to prepare anytime outside of the NCAA tournament, and he'll win. In the NCAA, he seems to like short trips.

Georgetown: A very good team, but beware the B's of March.


OSU: playing very well right now...15 wins in a row.

BYU / Xavier: X shouldn't be in. BYU is big enough to give OSU some heat, but, IMO, OSU has easiest 2nd round game.

UT / Long Beach: UT / OSU will be an interesting game if we see it.

Virginia / Albany: I'll bet we see a close game here.

Louisville / Stanford: Stanford shouldn't have been in.

A&M / Penn: A&M will emerge from this bracket, I think.

Nevada / Creighton: one of the best first round games. Nevada is better than people think, with Fazekas and Kemp. Creighton, I thought before seeing the bracket, would beat somebody in the first round. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? That question will remain unanswered.

Memphis / North Texas: Memphis got a favorable geographic draw. I think they lose in round two.


Florida: Got a lot of credit for last year. They've been apathetic of late, even if they are well balanced. They're going to lose to somebody.

Arizona / Purdue: A potentially tough second round matchup for UF if Zona is able to put it together.

Butler / ODU: Upset special. Butler's good but has limped a bit of late.

Maryland / Davidson: Another upset special. Maryland could do some damage, but they could also bow out early.

Winthrop / Notre Dame: Notre Dame is playing very well. Winthrop is a very good team. Could be upset special number 3 in this bracket.

Oregon is very hot. HOT HOT HOT.

UNLV / GT: Surprised about GT, no idea on this game.

Wisconsin: Can't believe AM slipped to the 15 line!