Sweet Sixteen Baby

Nearly 1100 days since we've been able to say this. I was more nervous today than I have been in years.

We're playing with house money.

Southern Illinois is a tough defenseive team, but I think they'll have a tough time against our defense, because they're not a great offensive team. Kentucky is a better team, in my always humble opinion.

Dick Vitale hardly uses verbs any more. Who needs verbs?

Tubby Smith is a "phenomenal family man!"

Kansas beats Southern Illinois by 12 at least. No shot at an upset. Sorry Chris Lowery. It's not happening this year.

What happen to Sherron and Darrell?

Goodbye Kevin Durant. Phil Knight writes you check for $75 million. Push for $100 million. Kid, you will be special.

Commercials I'm sick of. Turtle / Entourage. Gillette. Why is it that Gillette always has the scantily clad woman emerge from the side of the screen in the final seconds of each commercial? I suppose this is a stupid question.

ACC = 1 more team left

Big 12 equals two final four teams if I'm right.

Julian had as quiet of 20+ points as I remember.

Brandon shot 5/6 from three.

Sweet Sweet Sweet Sixteen.

Survive and Advance.