Recap: Kansas 61 Southern Illinois 58

In a game that went largely according to form (not as many possessions as Kansas would want, nor as few as Southern Illinois desired; lots of turnovers; poor Kansas free throw shooting; poor Southern Illinois field goal shooting), one facet of the game stood out: Southern Illinois had 17 offensive rebounds. Kansas had 20 defensive rebounds. That's 45.9% of possible Kansas defensive rebounds in the Salukis' hands. In their previous 23 at-risk games (14 against MVC opponents, the rest against Arkansas, Minnesota, Virginia Tech (twice), Louisiana Tech, Western Kentucky, Indiana, St. Mary's (CA), and Holy Cross), Southern Illinois, on average, got just 29% of possible offensive rebounds.

That makes it three out of the last four games in which Kansas has failed to grab even 60% of possible offensive rebounds. It wasn't huge factor in either the Big 12 Championship game against Texas or against Kentucky as Kansas outshot both of those teams while also turning the ball over less often. Against a good defensive team, it almost proved costly.

Holding your opponent to 42.1 eFG% loses a lot of its value when you allow them to attempt 135% as many shots.

UPDATE: Ken Pomeroy's HD Box Score for KU/SIU