Cole Aldrich at McDonald's All-American Game

If you can't get excited about a brief report from a practice for an exhibition game, then you're probably not a college basketball fan. (And if you can't feel a little silly for getting excited about same you're probably monitoring multiple message boards while reading this.) From Rodger Bohn at DraftExpress:

"Aldrich was one of the bigger surprises on day one, seemingly converting at least 80% of the shots that he put up from the field. He boasts a soft touch inside, while also knocking down multiple 15-18 foot jump shots on the day. The Minnesota native finished some surprisingly athletic conversions inside, given his immense size. If he is able to continue playing like this, he will certainly be able to help the Jayhawks out next year as a freshman, given the possibility of them losing Julian Wright and/or Darrell Arthur to the NBA."

I think the final sentence speaks of a remote possibility and it will be hard for Aldrich to earn minutes next year, though it would be lovely if he played well enough to force the issue.

UPDATE: Day Two report from Rodger Bohn:

"Aldrich continued his hot streak from day one, as nearly everything he put up somehow managed to find its way through the net. He hit two three pointers, leaving Kevin Love openly shaking his head in disbelief. The Minnesota prep star ran the floor well and finished well inside, playing with a passion that was non-existent for so many stretches of time on the AAU circuit. It will be interesting to see if Cole is able to keep it up for the remainder of the week and continue to live up to the outstanding potential that he has."