Julian Wright: The Day After

The Journal-World's lead story includes the following key quotes from Wright:

"Money has never been my motivation. It's not my family's motivation. It's not about the money."

"I feel I can advance my game playing at the next level."

"I never really looked into anything about the NBA because it's not what my focus was throughout the year. I knew it would not be good for the team. Nobody on the team is looking out for individual things. After the season unwound, I started looking into some things. The interest sparked from there."

"My family has been doing a lot in terms of getting in contact with some people, not directly with any agents. No advisers, just me and my family and what's in my heart."

The Journal-World also has video of the press conference, a notes piece (including speculation regarding Brandon Rush's impending decision), and a Tom Keegan column.

The Kansas City Star story includes this unique quote from Wright:

"This is hard. Trust me. It's hard. It's been my toughest decision ever."

And this one from Bill Self:

"The reality is that things are probably going to work out really good for him. To be very candid, if I was Julian and I was in this situation, I'm not sure I wouldn't make the very same choice. This is a good business decision."

Chad Ford of ESPN.com (Insider) agrees that Wright has made a sound business decision:

"Wright would be taking a pretty significant risk by waiting another year. If he struggled to improve his consistency or his offensive prowess, scouts might quit talking about his upside and might start tearing apart his game next season. When you factor in injury, that's a lot of risk for guy ranked No. 7 in our Top 100."

DraftExpress.com has Julian 8th in their mock draft (which does not take team need into account).

NBADraft.net has Julian 9th in their mock draft. The extra player they have ahead of Julian is Yi Jianlian.