Kansas #4 in Pre-Preseason BlogPoll

FanHouse's Nathan Fowler pens the Jayhawk entry in the Premature Hoops BlogPoll.

Why they should be ranked higher: There's not much room to be ranked higher, but KU is a serious threat to win the national championship thanks to their backcourt, which is probably the best in the entire country.

Why they should be ranked lower: Not only is Rush the Jayhawks' best player, he is also the one at the position with the least depth. If he returns from the injury as only a shell of himself, then KU will have to play a smaller lineup with three guards or use a much less skilled player (Roderick Stewart, possibly) in his place. Even totally without Rush though, this is a top 10 team.

UCLA, Memphis, and North Carolina appear to be teams 1-3 in the poll.