Take it to the Bank: The "Revenge Is a Dish best Served Cold" Edition

The Games of Week 3*: 1. Toledo +21.5 at KU

Payback. This time it's for REAL!

Actually, this isn't REALly a revenge game. It is not as if Toledo last September took something that belonged to the Jayhawks. They accepted a gift. What did the Hawks expect them to do? Politely decline? "Thank you, kindly, for the offer of the free W, Mr. Mangino, but we must respectfully insist that it is rightfully yours. We are not worthy."

Fat chance.

In truth, had the Fighting Manginos asserted themselves, they would have won by 3 TD's last year. They have only themselves to blame for losing that game and staying home during bowl season. This year, the Hawks are not fooling around. They win by 40. Or more.

I love it when Vegas doesn't have a clue. Or their hands are tied, because the average bettor doesn't have a clue.

This is Easy Money:


2. Southern Cal -10 at Nebraska

Nebraska confirmed at Wake Forest that they are over-rated. They can't run. They occasionally execute big pass play as required by the law of averages. Their defense is good, but not the black-shirt D of old: More of a light-grey shirt Defense.

What is not over-rated is NU's home field. Even though USC might be the best team in the country- at least, west of Norman-they will have trouble putting the Huskers away. A couple of turnovers at the wrong spot on the field, and an outright W for the Big Red is not out of the question. Not likely, but not out of the question. They will, at least, stay within a TD and FG.


3. Iowa -17.5 at iowa St

Welcome to the REAL World, Mr. Chizik. The world where you don't have Vince Young. Where your available scholarships are not all snapped up by 5 Star recruits 6-12 months before national signing day. The world where the officials don't serve as your team's personal bodyguards, with their primary duty being to protecting your BCS dreams and the conference BCS money. The world where whining isn't the currency that buys your way into a BCS Bowl Game. The world where, if you want to dream of victory, you have to improve your players' skills, prepare for the upcoming opponent because you don't out-talent them by a margin as big as Palo Duro Canyon, and make insightful in-game adjustments-rather than merely wearing your opponent down with superior players and superior numbers.

In other words: Welcome to Iowa St.


4. Texas Tech -28.5 at Rice

Rice REALly misses Major Applewhite.


5. Texas -19 at Central Florida

UT will have trouble covering this spread on the Road against a fired up team in its brand-spanking new on campus stadium, now that they have abandoned the old Citrus Bowl (cite of the post-season game formerly called the Tangerine Bowl). Not to mention UCF's first ever sellout. But their depth will wear UCF down as surely as nearby Splash Mountain cools its passengers down. The final score will make it look deceivingly easy. And it will be easy enough that the refs won't have to put the Longhorns on their backs and carry them to the finish line this week.


6. Florida St -4 at Colorado

Florida St can likely cover this spread with a field goal and a safety. But they won't stop there. Fortunately, for the Buffs, their offense will score again this season with ISU on their schedule.


7. Central Michigan +19.5 at Purdue

KU downed CMU by 45, which accurately reflected the discrepancy between the two teams. Purdue, approximately half as good as the Hewks, should be able to cover 20.


8. Mississippi St +12.5 at Auburn

Is there team so feeble that it cannot cover at Auburn?


9. Tennessee +8 at Florida

Oh, for the days of Steve Spurrier and Peyton Manning, when this game was easy to call.


10. Notre Dame +7.5 at Michigan

What is the Over/Under on how many times ABC will show the graphic that Notre Dame and Michigan have never before both lost their first two games of the season? One of these teams will still be winless Sunday morning. Because the Wolverines are at Home and might have a clue against Notre Dame's non-spread offense:


11. Ohio St -4 at Washington

At this point, there is no reason to be impressed by any Big 11 team. At least not on the Road against a PAC-10 team that has already taken down the defending WAC and Fiesta Bowl Champion.

12. Arkansas +3.5 at Alabama

It is always risky to take the visiting team in a close SEC matchup. Alabama is on the Road back from Perdition, but is still at least a year away.


13. Wyoming +12.5 at Boise St

The Broncos will be hopping-or bucking-mad after having the nation's longest winning streak snapped last week.


14. Fresno St +16 at Oregon

Oregon beat Michigan by 32 in the Big House last week. Surely, they can take out Fresno St by 17 in Eugene. Of course, as mentioned last week, Fresno St says it will play anyone, anywhere, anytime. And by "play," they mean "tough."


15. Louisville -6.5 at Kentucky

Easy Money is hard to beat.



*For entertainment purposes only. There are no refunds.