Predictions for KU's Future Football Games

Thought you might be interested in's take on KU's future opponents. KU is currently #2 in their rankings, behind only Boston College. You'd think that was a fluke, except they're 2-8 in pretty much every power ranking right now. The one odd variable here is that the KU-MU game is listed as a home game, when clearly it isn't. Home advantage is typically around 3-4 points, so subtract that from that margin. Not sure I'm buying +9 at OSU, but the other numbers don't look to far off. FUTURE GAMES Date Site Win Probability Margin Opponent Week 10 Home 94.1% +24.0 #65 Nebraska Week 11 Away 73.9% +8.7 #33 Oklahoma State Week 12 Home 98.8% +33.5 #104 Iowa State Week 13 Home 70.6% +7.1 #10 Missouri