The National Media Notices Diamond Lew

After watching Connecticut beat USF the other day, I thought about the sea change that Lew Perkins brought to two basketball powers, and it looks like others had the same thought. Says Sportsline's Dennis Dodd:

It was Perkins, 62, who built the football infrastructure around the programs at both No. 8 Kansas and No. 16 Connecticut. Kansas (8-0) is off to its best start in a century. Perkins' former school, UConn (7-1), is in first place in the Big East, seven years after moving up to I-A and in the AP poll for the first time.

It was Perkins' decision that UConn should have a I-A football program that someday might rival basketball, where both the men and women have national programs. After 13 years at UConn, Perkins came to Kansas in 2003 with many of the same visions for football.