KU BCS Mayhem Discussed in Wash Post

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Denver: OSU, ASU, Kansas, BC all run the table. Yes, probably impossible, but 3 out of 4 may happen. Who goes to the championship game? Seems like OSU has easiest schedule, followed by BC, Kansas then ASU. Kansas and BC have to play a conference championship so that helps them with schedule strength. Will OSU get in simply because of tradition? Or does last year's Florida loss actually hurt them?

Adam Kilgore: This is a cool question. As you noted, Denver, this is highly improbable. But if it happened, the Sun Devils and Buckeyes would play, I think. Ohio State is No. 1 right now and have comfortable leads in both polls, enough of a cushion that it seems impossible any team could pass the Buckeyes if they keep winning. Although Arizona State is No. 4 in the BCS right now, a win over Oregon tomorrow would probably shoot them to No. 2 in the polls and No. 1 in the computers. If any team can Ohio State for No. 1, it would be Arizona State, but BC and Kansas wouldn't be able to catch either if they both keep winning.

I'm really, really holding out hope for Arizona State-Kansas in the title game. Pure mayhem.

Eric Prisbell: I would love to see ASU in New Orleans. That would be a great story. Kansas would too.

It's not going to happen.

I'm still thinking Ohio State-LSU. OSU is in great position right now. Oregon-OSU is a game I'd like to see in New Orleans. The ACC is not great. BC has a far easier road than ASU.