National Love

Front page of the USAToday folks. Pick up a copy to tell your kids about.

Since beginning its ascent with a 52-7 rout of Central Michigan on Sept. 1, Kansas has evolved from question mark to curiosity to legitimized Big 12 contender. The Jayhawks, it seems, are doing everything well.

They're the nation's second-highest scoring team behind Hawaii, averaging better than 46 points, and the second-stingiest on defense behind Ohio State, allowing a little more than 13. Only Cincinnati has collected more turnovers than the 27 forced by KU, and only seven teams have given up fewer than its 11 in nine games. None has been less-penalized.

Also, Dennis Dodd wonders why there isn't more of a fuss being made about us and the Big 12 in general.

I want to figure out how the SEC gets four three-loss teams in the top 25 and no one is talking about what might be the biggest football week in Big 12 history. That 12-year history has roughly paralleled that of the BCS. This week, three teams are in the top six of the BCS, two (Kansas, Missouri) from one division. That has happened once before, in 2001, when Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas were rated that high.

As each week passes, we'll get more and more attention. I'm not really worried about it at this point.