10 - 0 = Double Happiness

One thing which this season has taught me: We need to stay aggressive. When we let up, teams score on us. We don't know how to play soft so we oughtn't kick ourselves by playing soft.

But this isn't a time for picking nits, but rather reveling in the fact that the last time this team was 10 and 0, Al Gore hadn't yet invented the internets. Even more surprising, Henry Ford hadn't yet invented the Model T, nor had the Wright Brothers made their historic flight at Kitty Hawk. Greg Oden was but a child the last time KU was 10 and 0. Men and dinosaurs walked together in harmony.

It was long ago.

And before you get upset about a categorical lack of respect among the media for this rag tag bunch of repurposed two and three star recruits, smile and know that they just care about winning.

Keep winning and the rest takes care of itself.