Dennis Dodd believes in KU

We all know that Dennis Dodd hasn't been the biggest honker of KU's horn over the years, and given that he lives so close to KU, that's maybe stung a little worse. See the thing is that he knows us, but he isn't one of us. He doesn't festoon himself with Crimson and Blue, as I do, and wax poetic EVERY YEAR about how THIS is going to be THE YEAR. It's a guilty pleasure of mine and most other fans of most other teams. We want to be a part of the fairy tale season, and if that means trading in years of disappointment for the one year we get to be on the bandwagon from day one, then so be it. Point is that Dodd isn't a KU homer like me. He's not even a KU Marge (that was terrible).

But he believes in this KU football team thus far and has articulated very clearly why they are deserving of any accolades they get this year.

Football really isn't that antiquated at Kansas. They've been playing there since 1890, a year before that Naismith guy nailed up his first peach basket.

But almost never like this. What does No. 1 mean? It means Kansas didn't blow a 13-lead lead to what is now a three-loss Kentucky (as LSU did). Kansas didn't blow a 17-point lead and lose to a currently 5-6 Colorado (as Oklahoma did). Its only loss isn't to a Cal team that has lost four of the past five and dropped out of the rankings. But Oregon's is.

The Jayhawks, though, have won them all.