Rush's Recovery: Smooth

I scored tickets to last night's Washburn demolition derby, and while the Hawks looked pretty ragged for about half the game, I was ecstatic about the in-person glimpse at Brandon Rush's recovery. There can be no doubt that Rush is back on track toward his status as KU's #1 game-changer. Watching Rush log his 12 minutes from about halfway up the bleachers, I was impressed by his smoothness and finesse. True, his timing is a little off, and my impression is that his explosiveness is not yet what it was--but on the occasions when Rush made moves toward to basket, there was no hesitation. None of the herky-jerky body mechanics that sometimes accompany major surgery.

This was especially true when Rush drove the lane for a soft floater. The drive was smooth, the decision was perfect, the tear drop barely grazed the bottom of the net.

When KU plays Northern Arizona next week, the Rush Watch should be in full effect again. If all goes well, I wouldn't be surprised to see B-Rush have a major impact on the upcoming Arizona game. There's no doubt in my mind that he'll be back near 100% in time for the conference season, and definitely in time for March.