Missouri celebrates rape, pillage, murder on GameDay

YouTube will help capture this "high point" in Mizzou's history, so someone send me the link when it's up. Here's what happened:

Chris Fowler recounted the history of this rivalry:

"Kansas - Missouri hatred dates back to the 1850's...pre Civil war, hideous tales of rape, and murder, and pillage...Missourians once burned Lawrence to the ground..."

At that moment, the entire Missouri cheering section erupted in cheers. Pathetic. A sign behind fowler reads "Billy Quantrill, a true American hero."

Here's a history of said "American Hero" from PBS:

The climax of Quantrill's guerilla career came on August 21, 1863, when he led a force of 450 raiders into Lawrence, Kansas, a stronghold of pro-Union support and the home of Senator James H. Lane, whose leading role in the struggle for free-soil in Kansas had made him a public enemy to pro-slavery forces in Missouri. Lane managed to escape, racing through a cornfield in his nightshirt, but Quantrill and his men killed 183 men and boys, dragging some from their homes to murder them in front of their families, and set the torch to much of the city.

Whatever happens tonight, Missouri ought to be ashamed of its behavior.