BCS Possibilities?

Still looking good I think. So does Stewart Mandel

Despite suffering its first loss against Missouri, 11-1 Kansas still seems like a solid bet to garner an at-large berth to the Fiesta Bowl. The fifth-ranked Jayhawks would be an obvious replacement if the Tigers move up to the title game. If that happens the Fiesta wouldn't have qualms with an Oklahoma-Kansas matchup since the teams did not meet during the regular season.

Did anyone realize that KU has a basketball team and that it is in the top 5 and is undefeated? Wow.

UPDATE: Jerry Palm is of like mind.

“I’m trying to think of how you get to four at-large teams that don’t include Kansas,” said Jerry Palm, who studies the BCS and runs collegebcs.com. “I haven’t come up with a scenario where that happens yet.”

If OU wins, KU will probably slip in. If Mizzou wins, KU will definitely be in.