Final BCS Computer Rankings Composite

The BCS doesn't do this, so I figured I would. KU ended up 7th according to the voters, but the computers, who don't know the difference between a Buckeye and a Jayhawk, nor the difference between having a The in front of your University name and not having one, tell a different story. I took the 6 final computer rankings and composited them to get a Final Unadulterated Computer Composite Ranking (FUCCR) for the BCS, you know, since they don't do it.

You can fake it if all the computers are issued. i've done a quick and dirty compositing below. It's not exactly how the BCS does it, but it's more comprehensible in this scenario.

Here's links to all of the computers in the BCS.

Anderson & Hester Official Website> Kansas finishes 2nd (LSU is third) Richard Billingsley Official Website Kansas finishes 2nd Colley Matrix Official Website Kansas finishes 5th Kenneth Massey Official Website Kansas finishes 3rd Sagarin Official Website (part of Kansas finishes 2nd Dr. Peter Wolfe Official Website KU finishes 2nd

Toss out the outliers (one of the 2's and the five) and that means KU's final composite is

(2+2+2+3) / 4 = 2.25 in the computers

Final Unadulterated Computer Composite Rankings (FUCCR):

1 LSU is 3,1,1,1,1,1 (composite: 1) 2 KU is 2,2,5,3,2,2 (composite 2.25) 3 Georgia is 5,6,7,2,2,3 (composite: 4) 4 Mizzou is 1,7,3,4,6,5 (composite: 4.5) 5 USC is 4,3,6,5,4,6 (composite: 4.75)

I didn't do any further than that, but any of you are welcome to do it.

The bottom line is that our computer ranking is a lot better than anyone besides LSU's.