KU beats Nebraska by Deceiving 21 points

That is a significantly improved Nebraska team that we beat tonight. They're very good defensively - 14th in the country acc to Pomeroy - and more so against KU since they're so familiar with our offensive schemes. I repeat: we would have been in for a fight had we not shot so well.

Where did Sherron go? He just didn't seem himself. He was slow when pushing the ball up the court and his shot was off.

Good game for Sacha - he shot free throws well and made Maric work for everything.

How great was it to see Brandon light it up? It looked to me like the made shots made him more aggressive in general. He was passing well and testing their perimeter with feints and drives. Really liked his game today.

I would have thought we'd have abused Cookie Miller, but I should have taken Boom's advice to never underestimate a guy named Cookie.