REAL Standings--Punxatawnee Phil Edition

MIDWEEK RECAP Nebraska was the big winner in the Midweek REAL Standings Projections, winning a Road game vs. a peer Tier Two Team. Didn’t hurt that Mizzou resembled an intramural team. But, as the saying goes, they don’t ask how, just how many. With its victory, NU picked up not only its first conference W of 2008, but gained a full game in the RSP.

A&M picked up ½ game with its Home court victory over UT, a One Tier Higher Team.

OU, ISU, and k-state all picked up their projected Home W’s over Okie St, CU, and KU respectively. No REAL changes there.


1. 13-3

KU (5-1) Projected L’s: at UT Losable games: at OSU, at A&M

2. 12.5-3.5

k-state (5-0) Projected L’s: at BU, at KU Losable games: at MU, at TT, at NU

3. 11.5-4.5

Baylor (4-1) Projected L’s: at UT, at KU Losable games: at OSU, at OU, at TT

4. 11-5

UT (3-2) Projected L: at BU, at ksu Losable games: at OU, at TT

5. 8-8

A&M (3-3) Projected L: at MU, at UT, at OU, at BU Losable games: at ISU, KU

6. 7.5-8.5

OU (3-2) Projected L’s: at A&M, at TT, at UT, at NU, at OSU Losable games: UT, at CU, BU

7. 7-9

NU (1-4) Projected L’s: at ksu, at A&M, at OSU, at UT Losable games: at ISU, ksu

Tech (2-3) Projected L’s: at BU, at NU, at A&M, at KU Losable games: ksu, at CU, UT, BU

9. 6.5-9.5

MU (2-4) Projected L’s: at KU, at NU, at ksu, at BU, at OU Losable games: ksu

10. 5-11

OSU (1-5) Projected L’s: at TT, at ksu, at A&M, at MU, at UT Losable games: Baylor, KU

11. 4-12

ISU (3-3) Projected L’s: at NU, UT, at OU, at TT, KU, at CU, at MU, ksu Losable games: A&M, NU

12. 3-13

CU (1-5) Projected L’s: KU, at OSU, at KU, at MU, BU, at ksu, at NU Losable games: OU, TT


Big XII Weekend Games, with IQ (Interest Quotient) on a 1-4 star scale:


1. Baylor at UT (12:30p.m.)****

Baylor’s opportunity to validate themselves as a Tier One Team. They did everything but beat UT in Austin and OKC last year. Unfortunately, they will run into a desperate and humiliated UT team, having been taken to the cleaners for the fourth straight time in College Station.

Projected W: UT

2. k-state at Mizzou St (12:30p.m.)***(?)

With Mizzou at fuill strength, this would be a 4 star special. With Hannah out, it drops a full star in desirability. If his teammates’ suspensions hold, it will be a ½ star lemon. If the suspendees return with a vengeance, Mizzou is good enough at Home to make this one entertaining—especially if k-state has a hangover of any extent.

Projected W: None

3. Okie St at tech (1:00p.m.)***

Tech sucks big time on the Road, but is competitive at Home. Okie St is generally competitive Home or Away. Not a game of much import, but it could be interesting.

Projected W: Tech

4. KU at Colorado (2:30p.m. CST)**

I feel sorry for the Buffs.

Projected W: KU

5. Iowa St at NU (3:00p.m.)*

NU goes for two in a row. An ISU victory might result in a battlefield promotion to Tier Two.

Projected W: NU

6. OU at A&M (3:00p.m.)****

Two teams back on the right track. One will come out of this contest riding a three game winning streak.

Projected W: A&M