REAL Standings: Live Music Capital Edition. . .

WEEKEND RECAP A&M continues its quest to re-establish itself as a Top Tier Team in the Big 12. Winning in Columbia—a task UT and k-state were unable to accomplish—is a nice feather in the Aggie helmet, to the extent of ½ game in the REAL Standings. There may, indeed, be five high quality teams in the Big XII. How many conferences can say that?

Before Longar Longar went down, it looked like there might be six. But losing at Home on Monday to UT and in Boulder on Saturday cost OU a full game in the REAL Standings Projections. Meanwhile, the victory by the Buffs over the Sooners moved CU up ½ game and into a flat-footed tie with 11th place Iowa St. A Road W by either CU or ISU vs. a Tier Two team would separate one from the other and be cause for serious consideration of an upgrade to Tier Two.

The other four games went as projected, with KU, k-state, and Nebraska holding their serve at Home vs. visiting Baylor, Okie St, and Tech. UT was fortunate to win in OT at Two Tier Lower ISU, but they did win. No harm done to their REAL Standings’ standing or their hopes for a conference championship.


1. 13-3

KU (8-1) Projected L’s: at UT Losable games: at OSU, at A&M

2. 12-4

k-state (7-1) Projected L’s: at BU, at KU Losable games: at TT, at NU

3. 11.5-4.5

Baylor (4-3) Projected L’s: None Losable games: at OSU, at OU, at TT

UT (6-2) Projected L’s: at BU, at ksu Losable games: at TT

5. 9.5-6.5

A&M (5-3) Projected L’s: at UT, at OU, at BU Losable games: KU

6. 7-9

NU (3-5) Projected L’s: at A&M, at OSU, at UT Losable games: at ISU, ksu

Tech (3-5) Projected L’s: at A&M, at KU Losable games: ksu, at CU, UT, BU

8. 6.5-9.5

OU (3-5) Projected L’s: at TT, at UT, at NU, at OSU Losable games: BU

9. 6-10

MU (3-6) Projected L’s: at NU, at ksu, at BU, at OU Losable games: N.A.

10. 5-11

OSU (2-7) Projected L’s: at A&M, at MU, at UT Losable games: Baylor, KU

11. 3.5-12.5

ISU (3-6) Projected L’s: at OU, at TT, KU, at CU, at MU, ksu Losable games: NU

CU (2-7) Projected L’s: at KU, at MU, BU, at ksu, at NU Losable games: TT


Big XII Weekday Games, with IQ (Interest Quotient) on a 1-4 star scale:


1. KU at UT (8:00p.m.)****

Monday night, the Live Music Capital of the World becomes the Live Basketball Capital. UT is the rest of the contenders’ Great Orange Hope. Lose, and not only can they forget about the Big XII title, everyone else is on life support.

Projected W: UT


2. Baylor at Okie St (7:00p.m.)**

Okie St needs to do something—anything—to show that they are justly categorized as a second tier team.

Projected W: None

3. ISU at OU (7:30p.m.)*1/2

ISU had UT on the ropes Saturday in Ames. With OU reeling from Longar Longar’s unfortunate unfortunate injury imjury, this is the Cyclones’ opportunity to earn a battlefield promotion to Tier Two.

Projected W: OU

4. Mizzou at NU (7:00p.m.)**

The players’ families will be watching this game closely. They pretty much have to.

Projected W: NU

5. k-state at Tech (8:00p.m.)***

Pat Knight tries again to pull within 901 wins of his dad. Not to mention 16 of Frank Martin. Heady stuff, indeed.

Projected W: None