REAL Standings: Superbad Edition

WEEKEND RECAP Counterintuitively to those who slavishly follow the Uninformed Standings, KU followed up its positive Midweek (despite losing) with a Superbad Weekend (despite winning). And knowledgeable Jayhawk fans are not McLovin it.

Although your local newspaper will make it appear that the Jayhawks treaded water vis-a vis k-state and UT, the REAL Standings reveal the truth: UT’s victory over Baylor, which had been a Projected L, allowed it to pick up a full game in the RSP. UT now trails KU by a mere ½ game.

k-state also picked up a full game, albeit by a different route. Their Projected W over Mizzou in Manhattan, like KU’s routine victory over Colorado, was a non-event for purposes of the Real Standings. However, their remaining schedule suddenly looks a full game easier as both Baylor and Nebraska have proven unworthy of their former status as Tier One and Tier Two Teams respectively—resulting in the Baylor game moving from the Projected L column to being merely a Losable game, and NU moving from the Losable column to a Projected W. Each move benefits k-state to the extent of ½ game, meaning k-state, along with UT, is now within a half game of the Jayhawks.

Don’t look now, but what this means is that KU fans may become Beasley, Walker and Co.’s most ardent supporters on Big Monday a week hence when they take on UT. Otherwise, barring an unexpected L by UT to A&M at Home or tech in Lubbock, the Jayhawks may need to win out just to tie for the Big 12 title and claim the No. 2 seed in the conference tourney.

In news from the nether regions, OU remained in the conversation for the fourth bye in the Big 12 tourney as it picked up a full game in the RSP with a fluke heave from Plainview in the final two seconds at Tech.

Okie St, meanwhile, proved itself to be a legitimate Tier Two Team by following up its Home Win vs. Baylor (a Tier One team at the time) with its first Road W in two years at the expense of A&M, for a combined 1½ game move up the REAL Standings ladder.

Nebraska, on the other hand, went the other way, dropping 1½ games in the RSP by losing to Tier Two Mizzou at Home and Tier Three ISU in Ames—and, in the process, dropping in rank to the Tier 3 itself.


1. 13-3

KU (9-2) Projected L’s: None Losable games: at OSU, at A&M

2. 12.5-3.5

UT (8-2) Projected L’s: at ksu Losable games: at TT

k-state (8-2) Projected L’s: at KU Losable games: at BU

4. 8.5-7.5

A&M (5-4) Projected L’s: at UT, at OU, at BU Losable games: KU

OU (5-5) Projected L’s: at UT, at OSU Losable games: at NU

6. 8-8

Baylor (4-5) Projected L’s: at OU, at TT Losable games: k-state, at CU

7. 7-9

MU (4-7) Projected L’s: at BU, at OU Losable games: N.A.

Tech (4-6) Projected L’s: at A&M, at KU Losable games: at CU, UT

9. 6.5-9.5

OSU (4-7) Projected L’s: at MU, at UT Losable games: KU

10. 4.5-11.5

NU (3-7) Projected L’s: ksu, at A&M, at OSU, at UT Losable games: OU

11. 4-12

ISU (4-7) Projected L’s: at TT, KU, at CU, at MU, ksu Losable games: N/A

CU (2-8) Projected L’s: at at MU, at ksu, at NU Losable games: TT, BU


Big XII Weekday Games, with IQ (Interest Quotient) on a 1-4 star scale:


1. A&M at UT (8:00p.m.)****

The game in College Station was never in doubt, as the Aggies controlled the contest from start to finish. We’ll see how much difference home cooking makes to UT.

Projected W: UT


2. Baylor at OU (7:00p.m.)****

After the 5 OT game at A&M, it looked like Baylor had arrived as a player in the Big 12. Their choke job Saturday at Home vs. UT proved otherwise. 1-17 from three point range in the first half? Are you kidding me? To paraphrase Dickie V, a word having something to do with a diaper would be appropriate, but it would not be “dandy.”

Projected W: OU


3. Texas Tech at CU (7:00p.m.)*1/2

The worst tem in the league vs. the worst Road team in the league. Won’t be a “good” game, but it could be close.

Projected W: None

4. k-state at NU (8:00p.m.)**

This game had been slated as a Losable game for k-state prior to Saturday. The Cornhuskers are devoid of good wins during the conference season, and there is no reason to believe that this will change Wednesday night—even vs. a team that has already lost on the Road to Mizzou and become Pat Knight’s first and only victim as a head coach.

Projected W: k-state